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At Servipro we offer direct one-on-one interaction with our clients. We believe that this direct interaction is a critical factor in ensuring buyer satisfaction. With us, building and maintaining trust in our business relationships is vital.

Purchasing computer hardware and software is an important investment. Servipro will help you get the most value from your investment. Servipro is a full-service reseller of computer hardware and software. We provide computer hardware and software at much lower prices than normal, thereby reducing your costs.

We are authorized resellers for MECER, ASUS, DELL, HP, ACER, SAMSUNG, ASTRUM and Microsoft Products/Software among other third party manufacturers. Products in our line of specialization includes: Computer Cases and Power Supplies, UPS, Intel Processors, Graphics Cards, Hard Disk Drives, Memory Modules, Motherboards Optical drive: DVD-RW, PCI Firmware/USB Card, PCI Modem/3G Adapter, PCI Sound/TV/FM cards, – External TV box, Batteries & Chargers, Bluetooth adapter, Cables & Connectors, Digital camera/Video, External HDD enclosure, Flash Drive/SD Cards, Keyboard/Mouse, LCD monitors, MP3 player, Notebook/Laptop Bag, Printers/Fax/Scanners, Projector, Speakers/Headset, Web Camera, Computers, Laptops, Notebooks, Network Products and Accessories and Point of sale Hardware/Software.


More About Us

The company was founded in the year 2012 by Mrs. Nicolene Ellis, who with her visionary ideals set out to carve a niche in the sector. It visualizes to benchmark itself against global standards and be in alignment with international needs, world class standards of quality, cost and service.
The company aims to provide customers with a wide range of products at par with global standards, following up with strong after sales technical support.

Company Overview

Previously, electronics were shabby and used to have a low standard of quality or were incredibly costly. There was an absence of reasonable, high valued quality consumer electronics. We sensed the need for empowering individuals to get overall worldwide access to modern, smart technologies in consumer electronics with rational affordability. Regardless of the product, from the computer and mobile accessories to audio devices and more. We have always strived to segregate the exchange between innovation, quality and cost.
We have been able to give vigorous, durable, high-tech and environmentally-friendly smart technology. Remaining on the cusp of modernization has enabled us to do what we adore best: utilizing innovation in endless approaches to facilitate every individuals’ life. Our goal is to see our consumers building their lives with Servi

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